Accounting Services

Professional Accounting Services to meet your specific needs

Sam Oyemade & Co. Chartered Accountants provide a full professional accounting service to meet each clients business’s specific needs in a client friendly manner.

We ensure complete conformity to Generally Acceptable Accounting Practices.

  • Accounting System Setup

    We setup accounting systems to suit your business’s operational and strategic needs. In view of the edge brought about by computerization and Information Technology in Accounting, this service becomes highly essential for all organizations.

    Some of the software packages we use include QuickBooks, Peachtree, SAGE etc

  • Internal Control Procedure Setup

    With our internal control procedure setup, we outline the total structure of a company’s accounting procedures; arrange processes that put controls at critical points in every transaction.

    Set up and tailor the general ledger and chart of Accounts to properly record and classify transactions and generate information relevant to management decision making

  • Outsourcing Services for Accounting Departments

    We deploy and analyze accounting system (software) solutions that meet a combined in-house and off-site business process and decision requirement by simply taking charge of a company’s accounting processes from start to finish

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