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Highly-Rated Accounting Services

Sam Oyemade & Co. provides a full professional accounting service to meet each clients business’s specific needs in a client friendly manner.

We ensure complete conformity to Generally Acceptable Accounting Practices.

Stress-Free Tax Management

We deliver strategic and engaging professional expertise in managing tax matters through Enlightenment, Tax Planning, Procedure Establishment & Representation.

We maintain the highest standards of honesty, integrity and confidentiality.

Meticulous Assurance Services

We are technically grounded and operate well-tested procedures that align with International auditing standards and best practices.

We focus more on risk evaluation, which is essential in assurance audit.

First-Class Advisory Services

We provide Management Advisory, Business Development and Technical Consultancy services to individuals and organizations in a professional manner.

Your business will be in the care of well-trained experts.

We are the Financial Compliance Service Provider.

Sam Oyemade & Co. provides financial compliance services that assist businesses and companies to fulfill and meet every requirement in the areas of Accounting, Tax Management, Assurance, and Advisory services.

Our approach is to use expertise and financial reporting analysis to systematically build compliance into the business modules and systems.

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